Funnel Chair

By LOLShock

About Funnel Chair

Funnel Chair is an internet shock site that features 1 man, 1 chair and 1 woman involved in an artistic shock extravaganza. The video starts with a man lying down on the floor wearing a mask attached to a chair with a tube and funnel. A woman then enters and uses the chair as a toilet. The man then consumes the materials expelled by the woman.

The movie was originally a japanese scat production, but was remastered in 2006 into the artwork you see before you today. The artistic work is similar to that achieved by 1 Priest 1 Nun, Goatse Girl and Mud Monster. Critical assessments of the film have varied, with many claiming that piece lacks adequate dialogue and relies to heavily on lighting and intricate sets to send its message. Others have criticised the acting as being uninspired. Whatever your views, share Funnel Chair with your friends!

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